Lucy Khanyan Quartet – Abcentia (2020)

a1893956597_16🇦🇲 Lucy Khanyan is Armenian artist who has moved to California long time ago. During these years, she has been elaborating her own vision of music. Now we have a chance to enjoy one of the talent’s incarnations.

Three beautiful ladies joined Lucy while working on “Abcentia”. Gohar Frangyan is the master of kanun, Anna Hovhannissyan plays wind instruments blul and shvi, Karina Ghaltaghchyan’s instrument is a cello. Lucy Khanyan herself is na author, director, and a queen of the keys.

While surfing through Youtube live records, I picked fro this review one of the best compositions on the album, “Slightly Mad”. I’ve found out that there is a bunch of variations, each one fitted to exact situation. It might be a trio as well as sextet, jazzy, classical or in other edition. Frankly, I admit hat the studio version gives the best chills!

Back to the album in general, you’ll meet pure goosebumps almost everywhere. Check
“Byuzandin”, for instance. It’s where oriental meets classical and altogether merges with experimental. Lucy’s flight of ideas moves forward to avant-garde sphere lets us  delicious treasures.

facebook page: LucyKhanyan

Get this album via bandcamp

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8 thoughts on “Lucy Khanyan Quartet – Abcentia (2020)

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