Sound Architects – Regenesis (2020)


🇵🇭 Tasty sound experimentations are wandering under album cover done in violet shades.

Sound Architects is a band from Philippines. It consists of Johann Mendoza (guitars), Patrick Roxas (guitars), Felix Cordova (drums), and Rjay Concepcion (bass). It’s a second release by them, representing considerable transition to the experimental fields and to exceptional focus on details.

Less and less we experience conventional constructions and elements. The compositions by Sound Architects acquire next dimensions and spread throughout the universe. No boundaries and no rhythms, this is what I fell somewhere in the middle of the album. The utter audial shroud is covering me spectacularly. However, at least to me, the most appreciable track is the first one. It’s sufficiently fast and upbeat to turn your head.

I should mention that the key topics for these men are conditions of the modern society. They are concerned about the technologies, deceptions and delusions, and fears. On the other hand, there are our hopes, freedom and sensuality…

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