Chester Gorilla – Chester Gorilla (2020)


🇮🇹 Welcome o the jungle. Here lives Chester Gorilla, the one that knowns how to make a wild tropical storm out of the music.

The group appeared in Italian Palermo back in 2009. During these decade, Gorillas has been evolving a lot, absorbing the achievements in a broad range of genres. They never stop, and the self-titled album is great witness of such a rule.

It could be a summary of a passed period. Instead, the new album appears to be rather open-ended. To me, it’s moderate amd mild, especially when talking about the middle part. The Italians tend to avoid any stress and tension. We’re in jungle, don’t forget!

Although sax and trumpet are the key elements of the band’s music, they are not dominating at all. Each instrument take its own place in the wild forest, hidden behind palms and lianas. Good music for a rushy day, to calm and detach yourself from the routine things.

facebook page: ChesterGorilla

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