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Ethereal world. 5 albums bringing you the fresh air

Open the window for this wonderful music. Image: artgiagzhel

Today’s Selected Goosebumps compilation unveils five varied albums at the intersection of genres. All five discover ethereal soundscapes waiting for your sight and presence. Neoclassical music, post-rock, folktronica and experimental art, that’s what our artists have prepared for your conscious listening.

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On the magic carpet. 10 albums flying with the Balkan spirit

Let’s travel around the globe on the magic carpet with Selected Goosebumps. Image: lunamontem

It’s not a surprise that the traditional music from the Balkan peninsula has been spreading through countries and over the seas. Our today’s journey covers all possible destinations and unites the musicians with so diverse profiles and experiences. The thing that they have in common is that all of them are inspired by the Balkans.

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