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Out of the Garage. 6 Catchy Rock Albums Delivering You from the Garage to the Strange Terrain

Meet strange things when on the road from the garage. Image by artgiagzhel

Today we are observing some kinds of garage rock. Well, not precisely garage rock, as always in our ‘Out of” section. Each time we do not start from the middle. Rather from the distant segments we do.

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Across the Continents. E02. Walking Authentic Paths

Our adventure unveils hidden neural links, often pretty unexpectedly. Image by lunamontem

Today we continue our round-the-world voyage. In the first episode, we targeted deep roots of the music coming from the past. The second one is rather about modern acts which unite traditions with the pulse of our days.

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Across the Continents. E01. Into the Depths

It turns out that the continents of our planet are deeply connected. Image by lunamontem

We start our trip around the world in search for precious music which appeared in various places and hearts. Although it often is derived from specific traditions, it may be universal and perceivable by anyone who lives on the Earth.

Our first episode was meant to go as deep into each musical continent as we could. Check with us what came up.

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