Saulius Petreikis – Live at Tamsta (2020)


🇱🇹 Saulius Petreikis’ ensemble performs vivid eclectic music, embedding folk influences into modern patterns similar to jazz or chamber compositions.


This record is a rather short one. Nevertheless, it demonstrates how rich is the sound of wind instruments can be when it comes to the maestro. Four tracks, four instruments having their own soul. Saulius plays a trumpet, a tin whistle, a duduk, and a sekminių ragelis, traditional Baltic tool to summon good mood.

EP has a lot of nuances, aligned and carefully selected. You can feel that these four pieces are so varied and not matching each other. But then another vision appears. We own a rare book with stories told by the same authors but with different dialects.

By the way, Donatas Petreikis (I guess, the brother of Saulius) is the musician who is responsible for arrangements, and seven more guys joined the orchestra to make this experience alive.

facebook page: sauliuspetreikismusic

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