Through the eyes of the better. 5 ambient albums to improve your mood

Are the eyes being watched or are they doing the watching? Image: lunamontem

Ambient music has plenty of dimensions. Some of the artists prefer melancholic conditions, others stick to something abstract, and there are the ones who deal with especially upbeat music. Not so many of the musicians, as our times are not that light and promising. Selected Goosebumps picked five albums to change your mood and unveil the hope and happiness right away.

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Goosebumps Chronicles #4. End of 2020, 10 albums

The winter sun is rising…

The year 2020 brought a lot of new music, as the heroes of our blog have been working hard. They overcame the difficulties, so numerous in this quarantine age. While we are enjoying the best pieces, we wish all the best to every musician who appeared here in Selected Goosebumps!

Also check previous parts of our Chronicles for this year: number three and number two.

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