Walking over the mist. 5 inspiring jazzy journeys

Keep moving into the fog. Image: artgiagzhel

Today our journey is lies through the terrain of jazz. Here are improvisations and

1. Fergus McCreadie – Cairn (2021)

🇬🇧 Fergus McCreadie is young composer from Glasgow, Scotland. His talent deals with traditional Scottish music, classical influences, jazz arrangements and contemporary art.

His instrument is a piano. Its voice is surrounded by deep bass notes and touching drum beats. The tunes are spreading like the fresh air, through the volleys and down the hills. You can fill these vibes at every step of your exploration.

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2. Danny Lubin Laden – Through Our Time (2021)

🇺🇸 Danny Lubin-Laden invites us for an intense adventure. Here the soundscapes are vivid and saturated, letting his trombone to play the lead.

Сomprehensive ambience created by Ari Chersky, tender cello voice by Christopher Hoffman and Craig Weinrib’s drums make a perfect company on this path of imagination, harmony and peace.

Yet there are disappointments on the way of life, this album unveils hope and luck, both helping us to feel the road.

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3. William Ryan Fritch – The Letdown (2020)

🇺🇸 Welcome to the world of William Ryan Fritch and his controversial album, “The Letdown”. Here you’ll meet the refraction of something lost in the past which goes together with the up-to-date vibes.

Retrospection and nostalgia, moments of clarity, mindfulness and silence. All that is represented in these fifteen compositions with the touching narrative and abrupt endings. Each episode let you know and feel more, while the time is playing its game.

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4. Yannic Seddiki Trio – E-life (2020)

🇫🇷 🇩🇿 What are modern life and modern music? Well, our tempo is so intense that we even do not find time to reflect on it. We use “e” instead of “electronic” that became too long to pronounce. We live fast lives but the speed doesn’t make us happy.

This album is about this abyss between current possibilities and their implementation. Sheer сommunication is not always what we need and what we count on. Nevertheless, each of us has his roots that can give more answers than he or she suppose. Yannic Seddiki with his friends are searching for such things and they succeed.

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5. Dario Piccioni – Carpet Stories (2021)

🇮🇹 Italian double bass player Dario Piccioni makes the sounding of piano trio unexpectedly unusual. The point is the double bass gets a lead role, and thus the structure of the composition changes substantially.

It’s not only about priorities. These stories are told artistically, fusing traditions and tunes. Plenty of mosaic elements, including Mediterranean atmosphere, complex rhythmic patterns, powerful drum parties and elegant piano all the way…

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