About this blog

…Not so often music that you listen to causes chills and overwhelms your mind. Have you ever experienced musical goosebumps? If yes, you can easily understand what I mean.

This project is about my personal discoveries in variety of music. Shorter reviews of albums which cannot leave you intact. Find  fresh and rare things for you to listen. Pithy description and immediate stuff.

Special goosebumps blog contains sections:

  • ALBUMS section is the main one as it has all reviews
  • Inside INTERVIEWS section you’ll find dialogues with the authors of best albums appeared in this blog.
  • ALIVE stands for live shows, performances or some art that is not available yet for streaming.

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P.S. Interestingly enough, there is a special research on brain and influence of the music which causes goosebumps. However, I have no idea why they mention music which doesn’t influence my skin sufficiently. I think all is personal in this field… Within this blog, you’ll find other things…

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