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Heisa: We want to be surprising [interview]

🇧🇪 This interview was conducted several months after the band’s self-titled album was featured in Selected Goosebumps blog. We are talking with Koen (K), Jacky (JA) and Jonathan (JO) in a comfortable home atmosphere in an attempt to learn more about HEISA, great power trio from Belgium.

It’s the first time we’ve made a video version of an interview with several questions from a list.

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Morkobot: capturing the galaxy [interview]

Last year our blog was captivated by MoRkObOt’s album “Gorgo” (check it out right now!).

Today it’s time to have a talk with mystery MoRkObOt’s servants, Lan (Marcello Bellina, bass) and Lon (Jacopo Pierazzuoli, drums), coming from Italia. Buongiorno, Marcello e Jacopo!

* Author’s note: Marcelo and Jacopo were not informed that they are both interviewed. This was a pure experiment to find out unexpected details!

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Tinörks: constellations shining through us [interview]

Hosei Tatemizu from TINÖRKS🇯🇵 Today I’m happy to have Hosei Tatemizu, founder and inspirer of TINÖRKS. We’ll talk about music, of course, but also about feeling music and inventing simple, harmonic things.

I recommend you to check TINÖRKS’ latest album Sinfonia before (or while) reading this interview. It’s something adorable!

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El Club Del Infinito: behind the masks and paint [interview]

🇦🇷 Hello and welcome to El Club Del Infinito! The Argentinian band with such big name consists of guitarist Acople Corleone, Topetazo on bass, Podri the drummer and the voice of the band Misil. We’ll try to talk with the whole band and get details about their art. 

In 2017, E.C.D.I. released self-titled debut album which already reached goosebumps blog. (Check it out in case you haven’t done it yet!) And now it’s time to have a chat with these lads. 

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Astralia: in search of a distant dream [interview]

About creating post-rock, being special and looking ahead

Astralia is a Spanish band, existing since November 2010. Jordi (drums), Albert (bass) and Roger (guitar) since that time has been developing their own sounding in post-rock.

The review of their latest album “Solstice” was the very first entry in this blog and that’s why Astralia got priority to be interviewed at the Special Goosebumps blog. Roger kindly agreed to answer questions about the band, about the music they play and even about his worldview…

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