Eishan Ensemble – Afternoon Tea at Six (2020)


🇮🇷 🇦🇺 Come in and stay quiet. Take a cup of hot black tea, as you are invited by Eishan Ensemble.

Hamed Sadeghi is a talented composer, who inspires with genuine technique when it comes to tar, his legendary Persian instrument. Another excellence of Hamed is his ability to find a way for so different instruments to sound in ensemble.

In Eishan, guitar, double bass, clarinet, saxophone, oud, and percussion join Hamed’s tar. Moreover, you’ll hear charming chants by Sonya Holowell. Here, wonderful Persian melodies meet Mediterranean ones, and modern jazz and chamber music are also involved.

This album appears to have a range of incorporated styles, intonations, and senses. The voices follow each other, letting everyone tell its own story. Joy and happiness, anxiety and homesickness, dreaming and wakefulness. You’ll find a lot while Afternoon Tea at Six.

facebook page: EishanEnsemble

Get this album via bandcamp | spotifydeezer | google.play | apple.music

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5 thoughts on “Eishan Ensemble – Afternoon Tea at Six (2020)

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