Błoto – Erozje (2020)


🇵🇱 We are going to take a course on soil sciense. Don’t worry, no dirt. Only extravagant jazz. And a lot of experiments.

Once upon a time, literally during several hours between different concerts, this quartet came into the world. It grew out of the blue, or, right out of the soil. It was impromptu session recorded live at one night in Maska Studio (Gdańsk, Poland).

The collective is comprised by Latarnik (piano, synthesizers, percussions), Książę Saxonii (tenor saxophone, perscussions), Wuja HZG (bass guitar, percussions), and Cancer G (drums). All compositions on the album make references to the various types of terrains and soils especially.

Along with soil diversity, the human impact which causes erosion is also under concern. It is all told with a help of apontaneous and sometimes slightly nervous parties, polished by moderate drums and percussion. Deep bass included as well.

facebook page: blotoquartet

Get this album via bandcampdeezerapple.musicyandex.music | soundcloud

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5 thoughts on “Błoto – Erozje (2020)

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