Robert Harvey – Feochán (The Gentle Breeze) (2020)


🇮🇪 Welcome to the fabulous world of the flutes, with its variety and ancient rural charm.  

Robert Harvey is a flautist hailing from Ireland. He has obtained a PhD diploma on the Traditional Composition. Alongside with academic background, Dr Harvey performs and arranges magnetic compositions based on traditional Irish folk music.

Robert’s arrangements are no less great than his education. His ensemble includes a guitar, a harp, a piano and a harmonium as well as a bodhrán. Altogether, the instruments and the music that they radiate allow us to sneak out the modern city and turn at emerald Irish valley a couple of centuries ago.

The album represents a collection of reels, tunes and outlines combined in a complete volume. You’ll find romantic melodies and perky polkas, forcing you to forget about annoying routine. Just spend your time with joy. And with Feochán.

facebook page: RrobertHarveyMusic

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3 thoughts on “Robert Harvey – Feochán (The Gentle Breeze) (2020)

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