Dr. Mesmer’s Private Army – Forgotten (2020)

a2972326265_16🇳🇿 Vast and intriguing, this music keeps holding your breath in its hug even when you don’t suppose it might.

Dr. Mesmer’s Private Army is based in Hamilton, New Zealand. “Forgotten” is their second studio album. This time the creators were Jeremy Mayall (keyboards and electronics), Kent Macpherson (octave guitar, synths, electronics) and Eszter Le Couteur (violin). All three of them also worked on effects and sound textures.

Thus the textures takes the most part of the record, and you can feel it with your skin. Voluminous sound spreads and wipes the personality away. It’s a new continuum where a human is allowed to lose its fictitious certainty.

It’s a long trip into the deeper sound, followed by lingering violin and rich electronic textures which easily exceed our expectations of the music.

facebook page: DrMesmersPrivateArmy

Get this album via bandcamp | deezer | google.play | apple.music

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