Gabríel Ólafs – Absent Minded (2019)


🇮🇸 Gabríel Ólafs is a young talented composer from Iceland. He creates the portraits of the themes, characters or sensations, rather than simply musical pieces.


To perform his compositions, Gabríel has used piano, synthesizers, celesta and electronics. His ensemble includes a full range of instruments and musicians which help Gabríel’s dream to come true. Although the keys are a central piece, there is commonly a rich strings section, electric guitar, lapsteel, moog bass, rhodes, glockenspiel, marimba, vibraphone, ans all the rest what selected by the author.

My personal feeling is that Gabríel Ólafs’ way is to dissolve himself completely within his art in order to make a musical sculpture. He carries out a thought or some kind of transition, and shares it with a listener.

Just watch his performance and get this ethereal inspiration. And catch the moment of the last note, which unveils a different layer of all what you heard before. It’s like a signature of the Droplets or a final accent of the Hymn.

facebook page: GabrielOlafs

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7 thoughts on “Gabríel Ólafs – Absent Minded (2019)

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