TmbaTa Orchestra – Zar Z’ng’ (2020)

🇦🇲 As bright and expressive as the cover you watch, TmbaTa Orchestra bursts into our worn out society to revive it!

What a pure energy this collective create! Exciting stories told with the help of acoustic and electric instruments, voices and hands. Some brass to wake you up, some voluminous bass when you start to follow the rhythms, and plenty of claps when everything inside you begin to vibrate.

Sounding state of the art, this music has reach background, deeply rooted into Armenian folk culture. Catchy and sensitive, selected melodies come to your years and their trace causes goosebumps immediately.

Adding interesting progressive elements and avant-garde approach doesn’t harm authentic art. In contrast, this unique manner concentrates the message and gets you fall in love with TmbaTa!

facebook page: tmbataaa

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4 thoughts on “TmbaTa Orchestra – Zar Z’ng’ (2020)

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