Aesthesys – Achromata (2018)


🇷🇺 Russian band Aesthesys follows a pathway of futuristic music bouncing around modern classics and post-rock.


Along their way guitars, violin and synths create a vast landscape for us to encounter. In part minimalistic, on the other hand this album also involves high-powered moments which indicate a group’s own style.

During years, the sounding of Aesthesys has been evolving, different musicians joined collective, while the backbone has been the same: Nik Koniwzski (violin and keys), Victor Krabovich (guitars and keys) and Eldar Ferzaliev also on guitar.

Achromata is the most complete release by Aesthesys so far. That’s why it sounds organic and balanced. Experiments appears within each composition, it’s like a story with hidden details awaiting for a listener’s attention. I hope guys will not stop unveiling such surprises in the future.

facebook page: Aesthesys

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6 thoughts on “Aesthesys – Achromata (2018)

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