Stafrænn Hákon – Hausi (2017)


Stafrænn Hákon is collective from Iceland performing atmospheric music in their own way.

Fresh guitars, deep and embracing bass, vivid drums with a help of strings and sometimes brass instruments. Demure vocal parties  performed by Magnús Freyr Gíslason copmlete the picture in some pieces. Lyrics are in Icelandic and it vbrings one more authentic accent to the music.

Starting as guitarist  Ólafur Josephsson’s solo project,  years after Stafrænn Hákon has become full-range ensemble with a lot of elements involved to make the sound very special and progressive. Enjoy!

You may also be inspired by: Rökkurró; For a Minor Reflection; Eyot.

6 thoughts on “Stafrænn Hákon – Hausi (2017)

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