Leo Svirsky – River Without Banks (2019)

a1390018712_16🇺🇸 Leo Svirsky is a contemporary composer whose music inspires through its radiant glow, carefully absorbing you and taking away.

River Without Banks is a collection of compositions which have been carried and born during several years. The author, Leo Svirsky, plays pianos, classical and electric, and also Tibetan singing bowl appears in his hands in a couple of tracks.

He’s accompanied by Britton Powell, responsible for bass, Max Eilbacher and his gong, Tim Byrnes (trumpet), and Leila Bordreuil playing cello on the theme song. Leo’s experiments here are to unveil majesty of the piano sound, ancient and modern in one time.

The sound landscapes created by Leo vary from chamber ones up to vast and unlimited. It depends not only on the approach but mainly on the idea or sensation behind the piece. Thus, a slightly bitter taste of nostalgia in “River Without Banks” confronts the pulse of the moment in “Trembling Instants“. Both are great!

facebook page: Leo Svirsky

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5 thoughts on “Leo Svirsky – River Without Banks (2019)

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