Vogor – Vol. I (2020)


🇮🇸 In hard times, everybody needs strong spirit and light mood. Icelandic project Vogor offers great music to sooth your inner conditions and make your breath gentle.

I’ve been already inspired by Stafrænn Hákon someday. Now it’s time to meet Vogor and feel its calm energy blossoming inside you. Northern, eclectic, and authentic indeed. A little bit jazzy, neoclassical in the same time, and bearing (post)rock mixed with ambient.

Vogor is wide. Three musicians form its core. They are Ólafur Josephsson (guitars, percussion), Árni Þór Árnason (bass and baritone guitar), and Lárus Sigurðsson (harps, guitar, programming, arrangements). Jóhannes Ólafsson (drums), Þröstur Sigurðsson (trombone), and Fjalar Sigurðarson (tuba) made their contribution to the record.

The album turned out pure Icelandic, with paradoxical unity of minimalism and diversity. I would emphasize rhythm section sounding brilliantly, and wind instruments creating beautiful atmosphere.

facebook page: VogorRecords

Get this album via bandcampapple.musicgoogle.play

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7 thoughts on “Vogor – Vol. I (2020)

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