Képzelt Város – Samizdat (2020)


🇭🇺 All of a sudden we arrive at unknown place created by fantasy or in a dream, possibly.

Képzelt Város is an experimental band from Budapest, Hungary. They are Michaela Lilla Bos  (cello),  Ákos Kovács (guitar, keys and vocals), Máté Győrffy (bass and guitars), Márton Miskolczi (guitar and keys), and Tamás Kaczvinszky (drums).

The collective’s name stands for “Imaginary City” in Hungarian. Imagination is a cornerstone for Képzelt Város, as they never freeze on completely unpredictable way. The know-how oft the band is an alliance of the cello with a guitar post-rock. It’s utterly experimental matter, resembling neoclassical music and a pleasure for headbangers in the same time.

Képzelt Város now has reached a state which lets the audience to get a carefree joy. I’m not saying that their themes are all light and easy-listening. I want to point out that these Hungarians are emitting free art and share it with all the globe.

facebook page: KepzeltVaros

Get this album via bandcamp | deezer | apple.music | google.playyandex.music

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7 thoughts on “Képzelt Város – Samizdat (2020)

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