Kelvin Hwang – Origins of Self (2020)

🇸🇬 What is one’s identity? Where it begins, and where are the boundaries? These are the questions that led Kelvin Hwang to reflect with a help of his music.

Kelvin Hwang is a pianist interested in various styles of playing. He is a teacher for classical, jazz and contemporary piano. Kelvin composes his suites in authentic way, with no edges or inner conflicts.

Listening to Kelvin’s compositions may be sought-after for all weary souls, when you are suffering from non-existing threats, or just feeling bad. It’s a kind of healing music, as the author chooses universal and ethereal matter to be embodied in the sound.

However, if you are alright, “Origins of Self” would be no less appropriate for listening to. Five pieces are like five sides of the sole thing, the self. While relaxing, or while concentrating, add these sounds into your ambience, and you just can’t go wrong.

facebook page: musicwithkel

Get this album via bandcamp

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