Gleb Kolyadin – Water Movements (2021)

🇷🇺 Today we are floating in the massive waters, and they play their music for us, written by the Russian pianist Gleb Kolyadin.

Gleb’s journey into music starts at the fingertips. The first touch of the piano keys, eyes and mouth closed, and the sound wave hovers in the midair. Mixing the colours, bright and pale ones, Gleb makes his sound pictures living their own lives.

“Water Movements” is a collection of etudes, created from 2015 till 2019. Listening through the album, we drift from the past to the recent times and back, watching how the composer’s view has been changing during this way. Like the water moves, the art has its own movements, in which each humble sound matters.

Calm and thoughtful, romantic and upbeat, these compositions hide a lot and share all with the open-hearted listener. Sometimes the waters are still, but there’s also high tides.

facebook page: gleb.kolyadin

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