Tunic – Complexion (2019)

a3262997086_16🇨🇦 Forget everything you knew about noise rock: Tunic is going to ruin all your expectations.

They look nerdy: three guys with a short haircut wearing glasses. One can wonder which sort of music do they play together; it’s not a secret they surprise when do it. No time to prepare, straightforward and loud.

The world of Tunic is a meteoric one: they break into for a couple of minutes, explode – and that’s it, the typical song is over. I’d nominate “Complexion” for a Chaos Of the Year.

Abrupt songs, cracked rock and well packed noise. This is what Tunic sounds like. They start from where the habitual hardcore ends. Pretty heavy for the power trio avoiding tons of sound: they go easier. Get a pure dissonance with a squinted eye.

facebook page: TunicBand

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9 thoughts on “Tunic – Complexion (2019)

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