Dead Kiwis – Systematic Home Run (2019)


🇫🇷 Simply a pill for your tired ears craving for some irresistible hardcore stuff. Systematic Home Run.

Dead Kiwis hail from Lyon, France. I’m not sure which kiwis they are. The exotic birds, fruit or nuts. I suppose the last makes more sense, however. You’re invited to join a party where you’ll feel it yourself.

Here we have a intense chaos, divided by the grid of explicit riffs. Fast, straightforward and seasoned with a weird intro. Don’t fool yourself, the first composition entitled “Rock” will bash you and leave overwhelmed by massive creaking. The next one, “Zebras Of Beelzebub”, makes the whole thing clear. And they keep the temper until the last note.

You know what? These guys simply don’t let the fire in the sky fade away.

facebook page: DeadKiwis

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5 thoughts on “Dead Kiwis – Systematic Home Run (2019)

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