Bleeth – Geomancer (2018)


🇺🇸 Welcome to the world of Bleeth: catchy riffs will hug you. Don’t resist and let the revenant yank you by the ear!

Bleeth is a trio created by Lauren Palma (guitar), Ryan Rivas (bass) and Juan Londono (drums) in Miami back in 2015. Their Geomancer was issued in 2018 to represent the band’s achievements.

Their sound is dense enough but also romantic in some way. Calm, pure, and powerful. I like it when heaviness is delivered in a light package. Unfolding it, you’ll get what’s inside.

In Bleeth, both bass and guitar players sing, and it makes the songs evolving in variety. My favorite one is Divulging Souls with its rocking melody and amazing chorus. I’m happy to divulge that!

facebook page: bleethband

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