Vessels – Vessels (2019)


🇩🇰  Get overwhelmed by extraordinary Vessels, as they do not stay on the place and continue to surprise through their debut self-titled record.

Danish Vessels band is not that known worldwide. Nevertheless, is it a reason not to get to Selected Goosebumps blog? No way.

Storm D’Angelo of Vessels is responsible for brass instruments, electronics and sound producing in general. He makes the job together with Mads Ulrich (guitars) and the drummer Søren Høi.

Vessels pass through the weird continuum of experiments. Based on expressive voice of saxophone, with impulsive drums and soft guitar, the sound goes far away from traditional jazz and rock. It’s like the boundary of music is retreating when they plug in.

I’d recommend the “Dreadnought” song to start with. It sounds tremendous. All the space is magnetized, embraced by their sound, and letting goosebumps capture your skin.

Get this album via Google Play | bandcamp

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