Shifting – It Was Good (2020)

🇮🇪 The moment I’ve encountered this record was really good. Hope the same with happen to you.

Shifting comes from the city of Dublin, Ireland. The participants of the band are Paul Clynes, Lewis Hedigan, and Matt Hedigan. The power trio brings some noise and throw it in your eardrums straight away.

The calmness is only seeming. As you are moving forward, the ostentatious patterns get you to a kind of excitement. “Pompadour”, quite nervous piece, is a starting point. From now on, you can’t turn back, as this good album is going to absorb you.

I cannot say that there’s any peak within the album, as the whole material is more or less at the appropriate level. Explicit, buzzing and nipping riffs are everywhere, shrill vocals and catchy tracks, that’s what Shifting is.

facebook: ShiftingDublin

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2 thoughts on “Shifting – It Was Good (2020)

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