Alber Jupiter – We Are Just Floating In Space (2019)

a2986693442_16🇫🇷 This is an amazing journey into open space. Right on your couch or an armchair – any of these might be a perfect space jet!

The duo consists of Nicolas Terroitin – bass and (tiny) vocals – and Jonathan Sonney on drums. They’re from Rennes, France and have just launched the first cab to float in space. Well, we are in!

So, you get sculptured bass lines and perky beats which are self-enforcing. Meaning, you’ll steadily surf through the cosmos, some beasts encountering. Flying turtles for instance are harmless and cool, but you’ll also see Fangs sharp as a sting. Rather extensive compositions typically with a culmination in the middle will pump your blood in vessels and brains in skull.

Don’t wait to charge your head system: put on the record and go float

facebook page: AlberJupiter

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3 thoughts on “Alber Jupiter – We Are Just Floating In Space (2019)

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