Terror Cell – Last Day of Sun (2020)


🇺🇸 Are you craving for something frightening? Violent, explicit and uncompromising. Terror Cell matches a description like that.

Terror Cell comes from Richmond, Virginia (USA). The band is build by four tough guys: Joey, Steven, Atreyu, and Baylor. Our blog is proud to have their debut release and to extract some goosebumps out of it.

The album starts with “[REDACTED]”, turning to be such a terrific instrumental composition. It gives a proper sensation of the band’s might. Further on, a listener gets the whole picture. Rich in guitar screeches, in both fast riffs and slowing down almost to the cardiac arrest.

For sure, they do some experiments, whilst the pure hardcore fill the core. Yes, it is still straight and raw, no chance for snot and slobber. This is exactly the feature which has attracted so much.

facebook page: terrorcellnoise

Get this album via bandcamp | deezer | apple.musicgoogle.play

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