Falcifer – Pain (2020)


🇦🇺 For all of you who can’t wait to jump out your pants to get to the mosh pit. Unbelievable power, and no remorse.

FALCIFER hails from Adelaide, Australia. They write the name with the capital letters, and they have a reason to. Their music is outstanding in expression and assertiveness. It simply knocks down the wall. Downtempo, brick by brick, gyrus by gyrus.

“Pain” is appropriate title for the short and explicit release. The band doesn’t lose the time and starts it right away by a killer track “Hostile”. To tell the truth, not only this song kills. Any of them in the list.

This vocal really drives me mad. Concentrated, very low, aggressive and unrefined. And you know what? The voice belongs not to a man but to a lady! Kym growls like a bulldog from the album’s cover. Ahoy, it’s terrific… and nice!

facebook page: FLCFR

Get this album via bandcampdeezer | apple.musicyandex.music

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