Raketkanon – RKTKN #2 (2015)

a2371464141_16🇧🇪 Among the strange musical bands, there are the strangest. Don’t try to identify, just get in contact to feel their energy and its blast wave.

Raketkanon is a Ghent based band that one cannot compare with anything else. The only fact that I’m sure I know about Raketkanon is that these guys’ music give you shivers.

They use names for songs’ titles, and the language of the lyrics is self-invented. Again, don’t try to seek for the sense and the meaning. It’s not an emotion either. It’s Raketkanon.

My favorite RKTKN album up to the moment is the second one. The latest which is issued in 2019 also has some catchy tracks but is controversial to me. With RKTKN #2, you have less chance to escape. The first track, Florent, punches one through the heart. You also should check out the weirdest video for that song – just below.

facebook page: Raketkanon

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2 thoughts on “Raketkanon – RKTKN #2 (2015)

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