Mang Ont – Maa Sarv (2019)


🇪🇪 Get prepared for blood turning into lead in your vessels: Mang Ont deals with extra heavy breathtaking slow-mode riffs.

Mang Ont hails from Tartu, Estonia. Now acting as trio, they are around since 2012. On the way, they’ve been true to themself in keeping polishing the style without excuses and compromises. Mang Ont handles the fuzz in order for you not to have any chance to escape it.

Three pieces  take 45 minutes or something like that. Not surprising for a scene, they are persistent and intense. I guess unprepared listener has a risk to stay with a jaw dropped during all the record, as the fingers would freeze and can’t help it.

My personal pick here is “Tundratuul“. The third track of the album is more obvious to perceive, and I feel like a huge mammoth wandering through barren tundra… Slow and heavy as hell. So is the stuff from these guys.

facebook page: ManGOnT

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