Otoboke Beaver – Itekoma Hits (2019)

a1378537962_16🇯🇵 Precious portions of chaos for your ears. Just in case you desire to be brainwashed, click play button and catch these goosebumps.

The waves of popularity are coming and fading. We had one of j-rock, or take k-pop, as you wish. Behind (or above) them the really mighty things are hiding. Once they arrive,  the world starts talking about a particular artist or about a row of bands.

I remember well when Melt-banana has expanded to the West. It was fast and unexpected. Now it’s time for Otoboke Beaver, a band that has been around since 2009, and only during a couple of last years these four girls has reached a wide world-wide auditory. They do a lot of concerts, participate in local and international events, and surprise more and more people.

Well, now we have something seeming an anthology of Otoboke Beaver’s art. Accorinrin (Lead Vocal & Guitar), Yoyoyoshie (Guitar & Vocals), Hiro-chan (Bass & Vocals) and Kahokiss (Drums & Vocals) share their irrepressible passion with us. Fourteen tracks, each one easily blows your mind and leaves your mouth dropped open.

Get this album via bandcamp  | Google PlayApple MusicDeezer

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2 thoughts on “Otoboke Beaver – Itekoma Hits (2019)

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