Cthulhu Rise – The Second One (2016)

a2137254138_16🇺🇦 Special stuff for special ears dealing with RIO… for math metal lovers as well. Where do these diverse worlds cross? Should you have an idea – Cthulhu calls.

These guys create opuses: something that doesn’t have a certain name. Like an ancient beast living in a gloomy lake. Even if humans have a name for such creature, it doesn’t make interest: some day it will rise.

Enhanced avant-prog breaks into a listener’s mind, rattles it and spreads further. This is how Cthulhu Rise works. Terrific multifaceted music deserving much more attention and success. Wish the third one would be even more complicated and heavy and would arrive soon!

Get this album via Apple Play | Google Play | bandcamp

Facebook page: Cthulhu.Rise

You may also be inspired by: Eternal One | Troot | Ukandanz

6 thoughts on “Cthulhu Rise – The Second One (2016)

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