Lumen Drones – Umbra (2019)


🇳🇴 What a fantastic encounter. Pure Northern art talking directly with the heart. no word needed. It’s Lumen Drones’ new wonderful record.

Lumen Drones is a trio consisting from Nils Økland (fiddles), Per Steinar Lie (guitars) and Ørjan Haaland (drums). The Norse generously share with us the outcomes of their experiments at the junction of a good kraut, ambient and soundscape art, embodying the beauty of the northern expanses.

It’s snowing all day long and the wind is coming from the sea. No human being spotted here. Just the sound is born at the point where the mountains rise from the fjord. It’s a moment of clarity lasting for a half an hour or so.

During this adventure, you’ll get excited not once. The goosebumps moments are generously seasoned by wonderful ambience.

facebook page: LumenDrones

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6 thoughts on “Lumen Drones – Umbra (2019)

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