Lymland – Tonrum (2019)


🇸🇪 I bid you welcome to a very special land, Lymland. It’s a place where the voices appear, whirl around and slowly fade away…

It is a slow-mode journey through the harmony of sounds and dissonances which appear sporadically somewhere nearby. You’ll meet accordion and clarinet, slightly weird guitar and synths.  Accordion appearing on Jazzdemokrati tracks sound accurate and really soothing.

Sonja Perander and Jerker Kaj create wonderful soundscapes, minimalistic but rich in color and atmosphere. Just taste “Skata“, my personal favorite composition, to get the pure natural rapture.

With Lymland, I found myself on a small ferry launched from Malmö. It floats calmly with its own pace. Forget all this rush and sit down. Watch a giant lake and be a part of this land… Lymland.

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3 thoughts on “Lymland – Tonrum (2019)

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