Byron Metcalf (feat. Erik Wøllo & Peter Phippen) – Inner Rhythm Meditations Vol II (2018)

a2859449959_16🇺🇸 It’s never late to take a deep breath, close your eyes and let the inner rhythm fill all your cells, with Byron Metcalf’s recent release.

Byron Metcalf is experienced percussionist working with a variety of instruments. Erik Wøllo and Peter Phippen joined his to complete the second verse of “Inner Rhythm Meditations“. Erik Wøllo from Norway was responsible for guitars, synths, sound effects as “sound sculptor” and Peter Phippen brought mystical ambience of flutes.

The record is thoroughly elaborated in order to allow density of sounds come not only to ears and brains, but also somewhere deeper. Byron’s art is a tool which catches universe’s resonance and converts it into compositions. Unfolded afterwards, the music invites a listener back to the universe without anger, rush and platitude.

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5 thoughts on “Byron Metcalf (feat. Erik Wøllo & Peter Phippen) – Inner Rhythm Meditations Vol II (2018)

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