Verstaeker – Verstaeker (2019)


🇷🇺Verstaeker’s music leaves a sensation of quiet anticipation, which carefully embraces you and follows you in a daily routine

Versteaker is an alter ego ща Ilya Sorokovoy of Sleep Dealer, another Russian experimental band. Ilya plays bass guitar there, and he has launched his own solo project under this new name.

One can argue than not only the name of the project is derived from a great old song by Jakob, but the music of Versteaker is completely following New Zealand giants. Anyway, I believe the world never had enough good post-rock. And this self-titled album is one of the most interesting releases appeared at the Russian scene.

facebook page: Verstaeker

Get this album via bandcamp

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7 thoughts on “Verstaeker – Verstaeker (2019)

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