Orontes – Dancing On The Heads Of Snakes (2019)


🇪🇸 Orontes combines diverse musical traditions to create unique atmosphere, intriguing and magical.

Composer Michel Gasco, the founder of Orontes and the master of oud, invites as for a mysterious adventure. He has been searching for a path to the place where The East joins The West, and I think he has found it, a personal way and transcendental one.

Ensemble consists of oud, wind instruments (flutes or bansuri), violin, percussion (cajon, riqq, bendhir, udu, cymbals) and double bass. Pure acoustics of XXI century,  inspired by the music of the ancient times.

The album has six different stories, each of them is touching innermost things. Close your eyes and you’ll arrive at Persia for a while. Not so important where and when. It will be your own experience reflected in the rich sound of oud.

facebook page: OrontesMusic

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