Hammock – Silencia (2019)


🇺🇸 Silencia is a prelude to silence. It’s a state when either all sounds fade away or there is no need of any noise.

Hammock is a duo consisting of Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson. The alliance has been around for more than 15 years. It’s impossible to say where one album by Hammock ends and another begins. It’s a continuum of eternal journey into the moment.

Silencia is an apogee of minimalistic approach. Carefully selected notes and transitions not only have extraordinary depth themselves, but they are followed by exceptional background of silence. The sounds which are never played, but still existing in imagination. Like a sound of a single pal.

Silencia was created as a final part of the great trilogy by Hammock. It took three years for Hammock to complete the full story. And now it lives and spreads itself through silence.

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3 thoughts on “Hammock – Silencia (2019)

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