Pharaoh Overlord – 5 (2019)


🇫🇮 Pharaoh Overlord moves forward and extends to the new sphere of their extravagant art.

The duo of Tomi “F” Leppänen & Jussi “R” Lehtisalo now present a record deeply drenched in something electronic, or synthetic. Stoner rock genre is too narrow or too abstract when it comes to Pharaoh Overlord. They are absolutely right coming with a description ”Stoner rock without the stone… or rock”.

Firstly, I was smitten by a highly contagious vibe in “Ideal Flower“, my favorite pick from the album. It gets inside the brain and lives there for a long while. This selected pulse has its own energy, as the beats and notes are aligned perfectly.

Then, the other pieces either aren’t merciful. From flowers to the fruit, the “Transgenic Papaya” appears. It’s no less vigorous but still accurate. The tunes by Jussi and Toni stay modest, but they have a lot behind. Put it on to feel it.

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5 thoughts on “Pharaoh Overlord – 5 (2019)

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