When Waves Collapse – Movements I (2019)


🇳🇱 When Waves Collapse is one-man project by Travis J. Wiltshire who lives in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

However, it sounds like composed and played by a band. Deeply structured, gradually unfolding sound. Calm and vast, it concentrates to end up with a burst in a moment that it supposed to occur. Then, another turn to slow down, and it’s like a giant wave which is merging of smaller ones.

The three tracks are evolving more or less in a similar way, while the last composition has a reverse manner. It starts from a heavy part and has a mild continuation. Like we come back to initial point where we have started this journey.

Not surprisingly at all, the album’s title Movements I has this “I” at the end. It seems the first issued record by Travis. Perhaps, it’s also telling about the innerself somehow embodied in the music.

facebook page: WhenWavesCollapse

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