Papir – VI (2019)


🇩🇰 The sound universe of Papir is unfolding further. We are floating and observing it calmly through precious episodes.


It’s around 10 years from the moment when Papir appeared on the Danish stage. Since that time, the band’s music has been evolving, always focused on the guitar sound, changing the approach but keeping the high style.

This time, Nicklas Sørensen (guitar), Christoffer Brøchmann Christensen (bass), and Christian Becher Clausen (drums) has prepared a true present for the auditory. Four compositions are traditionally marked by numbers. ll four are developing at a varied pace, with multiple reflections and diversions, back and forth.

The engine works perfectly. Motorik circulates with a full force, and I really enjoy the soundwave of Papir. I suggest not to wait and to join me in such a delight.

facebook page: PapirBand

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2 thoughts on “Papir – VI (2019)

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