Automatism – Into the Sea (2019)

a3392688205_16 🇸🇪 What a great encounter! Just top of the top psychedelia from the North. You should silently open a door and make a humble step into.

This record was released in the middle of 2019. Briefly, the band has reached a new level on their own way. In part, the album appears to be a continuation of “From Tte Lake“, which was issued a year before.  I should say that all what Automatism presents is a narrative that never ends, it’s just taking new forms.

This time, I’ve been definitely enjoying the depth of the sound which they are reaching. It’s like a cocoon without dimensions. You’re into it and… don’t know where you are. Minimalistic but extremely wide ambience. Simply impossible not to be into it!

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4 thoughts on “Automatism – Into the Sea (2019)

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