Jon Mueller – Codex Intueri (2019)

a1974246838_16🇺🇸 Jon Mueller focuses on percussion and drum music and bring it to the central place whilst it’s usually perceived as background and supporting stuff.

Modern artist Jon Mueller has been exploring rhythms and vibrations for years. He invents various sound patterns, including both simple and complicated ones. Within previous works, Jon walked along the border of music and often crossed it many times. One can consider some of his compositions rather a reign of noise or cacophony… Nevertheless, the art doesn’t know thresholds.

This time, with “Codex Intueri” we obtain a brilliant four-piece story. Each part is an elaborated construction, which is made with the help of pure intuition. Acoustic percussion instruments, drums and gongs were used alongside modular synthesizer to create the universe of beats and pulses.

Just to mention, “Codex Intueri” was arranged, mixed, and mastered by great James Plotkin.

Official web page: RHYTHMPLEX

Get this album via bandcamp

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2 thoughts on “Jon Mueller – Codex Intueri (2019)

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