Alfa Mist – Antiphon (2017)

a2935089641_16It’s something brooding and reflective, creating quiet space for your innerself. No need to rush as it’s senseless when the piano keys start to sound under Alfa Mist’s fingertips.


London based musician Alfa Mist surfs through intersection of jazzy stuff and hiphop. Mild beats are bouncing of the piano waves and the trumpet sparks. There’s a room for guitar also, it accurately completes Alfa Mist’s continuum.

The author wantus us to sense his mood anf get the message through notes and stories. It’s all about modern environment with all complication it has and eternal feelings that keep the hearts pounding.

Alfa Mist specializes in instrumental pieces, and I like that the most. A couple of times we hear the vocals and spoken word. Thus, Kaya Thomas-Dyke participates in Breathe, and it’s a hidden gem.

facebook page: AlfaMist

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2 thoughts on “Alfa Mist – Antiphon (2017)

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