Stephan Thelen – Fractal Guitar (2019)


🇨🇭 Have you ever heard fractal guitar? Stephan Thelen is the master of such an instrument, and we have a chance to get to the very heart of his musical fractals.

Stephan Thelen lead several profound projects, including Sonar, Radio Osaka, License To Chill, Broken Symmetry and others. He is inside a constant research of music, its matter and structure.

Stephan gives us a description for “Fractal Guitar”: it’s a “rhythmic delay with a very high feedback level that creates cascading delay patterns in odd time signatures such as 3/8, 5/8 or 7/8”. So it’s a main effect which he decided to focus on for this album, and he carefully builds his music on the basis of fractal.

The author invited a cohort of famous musicians (I invite you to check detailed info on the bandcamp page). Just want to say that the job of each participant was made precisely for a listener’s joy and excitement. Interestingly enough, instruments for “Fractal guitar” had been recorded during several years in various places in Europe and United States: it was a long process for the album to complete and become a masterpiece.


Get this album via bandcamp

facebook page: Stephan.Thelen

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4 thoughts on “Stephan Thelen – Fractal Guitar (2019)

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