Maninkari – L’océan Rêve Dans Sa Loisiveté – Third Session (2019)


🇫🇷 The ocean invites you for a dive. Theocean of the voice and its echoes. Speechless and eternal. No reason to resist.

This duo creates mystic landscape and labyrinths of the sounds. Frédéric & Olivier Charlot use acoustic instruments with a deep resonance. They play different drums and cymbals, viola, cello, and santoor, as well as synthesizers which cover all the rest.

I cannot describe the art of  as it is on the fringe of the music. Appearing to be meditative and transcendental, the compositions are done both within improvisations and writing process. The authors simply call it the Session, so do we.

I let you taste Maninkari by yourselves. Just forget about everything and feel the ocean.

facebook page: Maninkari

Get this album via bandcamp

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4 thoughts on “Maninkari – L’océan Rêve Dans Sa Loisiveté – Third Session (2019)

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