Martin Kohlstedt – Strom (2017)


🇩🇪 Martin Kohlstedt is a German composer creating all his atmosphere with keys and accurate electronic arrangements.

The latest record entitled “Strom” is a summit of his art so far. The name for an album is pithy and interesting: it means “stream” in German but also hides “storm” inside.

Full of concentrated energy, like a sleeping volcano, his compositions reach the heart of  hearts and resonates somewhere inside. Take a glimpse on Martin’s face while he performs. It’s a deep feeling, ecstatic moment which captivates not only the author but also a listener.

Like a strom it covers the mind and everything fades away right after the fingertips rise over the keys.

You may also be inspired with: HauschkaHang MassiveSkelkur I Bringu.



4 thoughts on “Martin Kohlstedt – Strom (2017)

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