Orange Blossom: ALive

🇫🇷 May I introduce a rare diamond. Orange Blossom group combines ethnic and electronic music in a single art.

orange blossom live France

Orange Blossom band |

Orange Blossom band was created back in 1993 in Nantes by French musicians Pierre-Jean Chabot (violin) and Jean-Christophe Waechter (vocals). Since that time, the group evolved a lot, and talented performers joined the team, bringing the spirit of Arabic, African, Spanish, Turkish and let’s say world music. Oriental vocals, sonorous violin and juicy percussion has been always followed by electronic effects. That’s how Orange Blossom’s music receives extended dimensions.

Orange Blossom is active on stage from time to time, and it’s not a trivial thing to find their records. However, good concerts are filmed so you can check this out.

facebook page: orangeblossomofficiel

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